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Building of new schools and vocational training centres, refurbishment of existing facilities, and empowerment of teachers and students to enable more children and youth to attain qualifications and to get themselves out of poverty.

According to UNESCO, around 75 million children do not attend school, with classrooms upto 50 students per one teacher. Literacy rates are around 50% in development countries. Millions of children do not have access to simple education. Without a quality education, children are less likely to escape their socioeconomic disparities. It is important for HF to implement education systems in places that do not have a learning model for children.

We ensure that children get the care and support they need to go to school. By helping build a strong foundation at a young age, we are decreasing the chance of the poverty cycle. Humanity First focuses on building and operating schools and vocational training centres to empower children to have a meaningful learning experience.